The Onley Place began as an idea in 1989 to have a place to square dance. I had been calling for dances for several years by then and had quite a good following in the area. We had fundraisers and pig pickin' weekends to help generate funds for the building; paying for it as we built it. On some weekends, many folks would come and camp out for a pig pickin', square dance on the ground, and building the barn. Many good friends and family have worked on the barn for many years. Between these weekends, Gene Baker, Carl Morris and I, along with several other wonderful square dancers, would work throughout the year. As the progress moved along, we would have square dances in the barn. What a great time we had dancing on the floor, with no walls or roof, looking up at the stars and moon.

We had small square dances, and big square dances, too. Some with big name callers like Dee Dee Doughty, Tim Marriner, and Damon Coe. Some with our local callers like Carl Hill, Burgess Allison, and Elbert Harrison. We've had a great time along the way.

Our first "radio show" was in 1999 with about 75 folks attending. It seems to have mushroomed from there. Like square dancing, we've found some very talented and caring musicians and singers to help us out. We're still experimenting here. We're not sure where the barn is heading, but it's still a fun and rewarding adventure.

I do feel the barn has a lot of "character". That's because of so many folks who have helped build it. Everywhere I look I see the guys lifting 2x6's and timbers, nailing down the floor, sheetrock work........and much, much more. So my heartfelt thanks go out to all my friends and family who helped make this possible.